Innovation in a Changing US Health System

The US healthcare system has a lot of issues, but one thing it’s got going for it is innovation. More clinical trials originate in the United States, and more Nobel Physiology and Medicine Laureates are from here than from any other country. The key: the huge US health care market. We spend a LOT on health, which means there’s lots of money to be made. That doesn’t, however, mean that we couldn’t innovate better. This episode was adapted from a column in the New York Times that Aaron wrote with…

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Nonprofits & Activism 

Technology and Health: How to improve Accessibility | Sumit Dagar | TEDxAFMC

A Braille smartphone for the blind. Not science fiction, this is a device that’s the brainchild of Sumit Dagar. Watch him break down his approach to the fusion of technology and healthcare as well as what that means for accessibility. Sumit Dagar is a TED fellow and has won the Rolex Award for Enterprise as well as the NASSCOM Social Innovation Award. He is the founder and CEO at Kriyate, an organisation that seeks to improve accessibilty for those with disabilities. He is also part of the visiting faculty at…

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